Sweet and Spicy Fruit Salad

The inspiration for this recipe came from a strawberry jalapeño jam, which is my new food obsession. The combination of sweet strawberries with a slight peppery heat is a perfect pairing that will delight your taste buds. I added a little citrus to my new favorite duo for a unique take on fruit salad that’s tangy, sweet and spicy all in one bite.

This is a wonderful use for spring strawberries and makes a simple but unique side dish or dessert. Pair it with grilled fish or chicken and fresh asparagus for a fast and delicious homemade meal, or liven up your next potluck with this sweet and spicy treat.

1 pound strawberries
1 grapefruit
1 navel orange
1 tablespoon honey
2 tablespoons candied jalapeno pepper slices, diced

1. Remove stems from strawberries and cut into quarters.
2. Peel and roughly chop grapefruit and orange, removing any seeds.
3. In a large bowl, combine strawberries, grapefruit and orange and drizzle with honey. Add candied jalapeño pepper and gently toss to combine.

Note: You can use hot and sweet jalapeño slices in place of the candied jalapeño peppers or pickled jalapeños plus an extra 1 tablespoon of honey.